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Jamie Sweet has been writing books since she was a little girl. Born and raised in Utah, she now lives on the East Coast but will always be a western girl at heart. She spent 14 years working her dream job in a library surrounded by books. She now spends most of her time writing, when she’s not reading that is. She homeschools her son who inspired her first published book “Beautifully Abled”, about a mom raising her autistic son while finding love unexpectedly. She loves to write about unlikely relationships featuring unique characters. Her romance can be sweet and inspirational or sometimes more edgy and steamy. Maybe all of those things in one, but always featuring true love and happy endings. Jamie loves all things pumpkin, especially coffee! Heavy metal music gives her energy and classic movies keep her entertained when her nose isn’t stuck in a book.







Beautifully Abled



My hands are full. I have an amazing little boy who likes to throw spaghetti, runs at the speed of light, and may never speak. I have an ex-husband who could no longer handle the adventure of our unique lifestyle. I work nights to get by.
My mother-in-law is my best friend. She wants me to go on dates, wants me to drink tea instead of so much coffee, wants me to relax.
George is a man I literally ran into when my little boy became fixated with his wheelchair. He’s also the first person I’d ever seen him give eye contact to.
We both have what you could call disability in our lives, but I disagree completely, and one other thing…
I’m falling in love.





Beautiful Contrast

I’m afraid of everything. I’ve spent my entire life hiding in the library, living through books. I just got a job at the bookstore in the mall.
When I get nervous and drop a pile of books, a guy comes to my rescue. He’s covered in tattoos and piercings. I bet he’s not afraid of anything and when our eyes meet, I can’t deny my utter fascination or the butterflies in my tummy.
I’m a daredevil. I thrive on adventure and a wild lifestyle. I work at the record store in the mall. There’s a new girl at the bookstore. She’s shy, innocent, everything I’m not and I’m instantly hooked.
When she asks me if I will teach her to be brave, I know I’m up for the best adventure yet.

Pretty Forbidden

What happens when you meet the right person under the wrong circumstances?



Debilitating anxiety, fears, phobias, and OCD have been part of my life for so long, it’s all I know. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a supportive, nurturing environment that allowed me to function as long as I stayed in the comfort of my home.

But now I’m a young woman and I just found my own apartment. My parents have offered their full support of my journey to independence, with one exception:

I get some help.

Utterly hopeless and impossible. It’s never worked before.

Then I see him.


Mr. Williams

I am well respected in my field and my career is richly rewarding. I’m devoted to helping people overcome the personal challenges that hold them back.

The young woman I’ve been tasked with assisting is a runner, I’ve been warned. As in, literally every other attempt at this has resulted in her bolting out of the room.

When she enters my office and our eyes lock, I’m immediately aware of two things:

The first is that I am instantly drawn to her.

The second, is that the magnetic pull I feel towards her is completely unethical.

She’s my patient.