Top Reasons to read romance

  • Escapism:  You can forget about your long to do list and all of the responsibilities nagging for your attention if even only for a few moments. 
  • Hope:  No matter how bleak things can look in the real world, you can always count on a good romance to remind you that love is universal and always something to hope for or appreciate.
  • Fun:  The best reason of all is simply to read for enjoyment. There are several different types of romance books out there. Something for everyone.



fun at home


(we’re hopefully on the other side of the pandemic, but it’s always good to have plenty of ideas for a rainy day)







 -Reading of course!

-Being creative.  Writing, painting, your ceiling is the limit!

  • Fun with kiddos: Cool Crafts. I used poster board with my son, and we made a floor plan and then cut out pictures from magazines to use for furniture to decorate the rooms. 
  • Baking. Decorating cakes is fun for kids and adults. Trying new Recipes
  • Date nights at home with your special someone: Movies with a fun snack. Playing a board game. We used to own a pool table and it was always guaranteed fun. Act out one of your favorite movie or book scenes wink, wink. 




summer 2024

 Bring on the heat!
Outdoor activities!

Ice Cream!

Fun cold beverages. I love Frappuccino’s and Iced Lattes!